May 8th, 2006

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Hi Dudes

Well I have finnaly got all of my software back, as my old computer broke again, so I have had a new one :D  But sadly lost all of my graphics in the process, not much luck lol

So I will soon be back on track, but I will need you guys to pitch in, nothing drastic just a few comments here and there, as it takes me a while to make the graphics, so would appreciate some feedback on how you guys think i'm doing.  And also if you could post some graphics, so it stays an active community.

Start a fresh.  

What do you guys think if we have a monthly competiton on a certain picture...see who can make the best graphic out of it....and as I don't have anything for a brilliant prize *sorry :( *  then I could perhaps make a winners banner or something like that.     *Comment on what you think,  And would you prefer just a random picture that chosen by the mods....or a choice of band pictures and you use your favorite pic?*

Love you all Frizz
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